Dermalogica Skin Treatments and Facials

Face Mapping 2.0

15min | $20 *

Have a Dermalogica skin therapist examine your skin to determine potential problems, unique needs and hope to treat them professionally. We will prescribe just the right home care for your skin to bring you your healthiest skin ever  
(*cost of treatment redeemable on product purchase)


ProSkin 30

30min | $65

"Our customised treatment, on your time"

The ProSkin30 is a personalised, 30 minute treatment that addresses your main skin concern in a convenient amount of time. They are a quick fix for troubled skin, and they are the perfect maintenance service between ProSkin60 treatments. 

ProSkin 60

60min | $130 

"The ultimate treatment, different every time"

The ProSkin 60 is a personalised, 60 minute Dermalogica treatment that takes you on the ultimate journey to your healthiest looking skin. The ProSkin 60 bespoke service guarantees the best results and satisfaction every visit. The ultimate facial experience thats different every time.


+Add LED therapy into treatment for an additional $20
(Your therapist will go through this during consultation phase as this is highly recommended to enhance results).


+Add Microdermabrasion for deeper exfoliation for an additional $20
(This will be discussed during consultation phase with your therapist)



45min | $85 

Or 6 pre-paid sessions for $425

This non-invasive treatment is very effective in removing tired, dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. Regular treatments will help to stimulate new collagen production resulting in younger and healthier looking skin.  


ProPower Peel 30

30min | $85

This express 30-minute treatment features our highly active Pro Power Peel, tailored to your skin’s needs. This powerful peel smooths skin while targeting signs of acne, hyperpigmentation and premature ageing for a completely customised experience.

Purchase a series of peels for advanced results. Add on LED light therapy for $15 per treatment.

Series of 6 peels (Buy 5, get one free) - $425 - includes complimentary aftercare kit valued at $35.


ProPower Peel 60

60min | $155

Ultra-potent and completely customised: you’ve never had a peel like this before. This comprehensive 60-minute treatment pairs our most powerful peel yet with advanced techniques to thoroughly address your skin’s ever-changing needs.

Purchase a series of peels for advanced results. Add on LED light therapy for $15 per treatment.

Series of 6 peels (Buy 5, get one free) - $775 -  includes complimentary aftercare kit valued at $35.


LED Light Treatment (no facial)

20min  |  $50

LED - look better, feel better. Advanced Light Rejuvenation.
The Bio-Synthesis light activated rejuvenation system is a non-invasive, comfortable treatment resulting in exceptional improvement to the appearance of your skin.
Safe for all skin types. Bio-Synthesis increases collagen synthesis, reduces hyper-pigmentation, detoxifies and reduces acne resulting in a firmer, healthier, clearer, more youthful appearance to your skin.

To achieve optimal results we recommend 6-8 treatments.


LED Light Treatment (no facial)

Series of 6  |  $250


ADD ON LED (to any facial/massage)

15min  |   $35