Unflavoured Collagen Beauty Powder

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The most popular of our Collagen Beauty Powders, Two Islands unflavoured collagen is free of taste and smell which gives you the freedom to mix into any liquid. As the powder is water soluble we suggest pairing with your morning coffee, smoothie, bed time tea, juice or stirring into yoghurt. With the highest collagen content out of the range at 9.95g of hydrolysed Marine Collagen per 10g serve. 



Two Islands Marine Collagen Beauty Powder is premium quality and high dose so you notice results.

Our marine collagen is sustainably sourced from France and is a by-product of the fishing industry, that would otherwise go to waste.

All Two Islands Collagen Beauty Powders are water soluble meaning you can mix into your coffee, tea, smoothie, have in water and even add to your baking.

Collagen makes up about 75-80% of our skins structure, providing a sort of scaffolding. As we age, our body’s ability to naturally produce collagen declines. From around our mid-twenties, production drops by around 1% per year, with a 30-50% total loss in women by post-menopause. Other factors like smoking, stress, over exposure to sunlight and a poor diet can also cause a decrease in the amount of collagen our body produces. Consequently, a decrease in collagen leads to wrinkles, dry and sagging skin, thin hair, brittle nails, and can result in joint problems due to weakened cartilage.

Taking a high quality collagen supplement is an easy way to provide your body with collagen peptides. As for type? Marine collagen in particular is highly bioavailable, meaning that it is extremely well absorbed in the body. Because of its small particle size, it is 1.5% more efficiently absorbed by the body compared to bovine or porcine derived collagen.